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Personal Development


At Langley Hall Primary Academy the promotion of children’s personal development is very important to us. This means that we will focus on teaching children to develop a sense of responsibility towards themselves and others, be respectful and be active citizens playing their part in the life of the community. We want every child to understand the fundamental British values of democracy, individual liberty, the rule of law and be mutually respectful and tolerant in their relationships with others. In all aspects of school life, we promote equality of opportunity so that all children can thrive together. We promote an inclusive environment that meets all pupil’s needs. We want all children to be of ‘good character’ and understand the positive personal traits, dispositions and virtues that will enable them to be successful in life. We want every child to be confident, resilient and understand how they can keep themselves mentally healthy. We will teach children about the dangers of inappropriate use of mobile technology and social media. Children at Langley Hall will enjoy keeping physically healthy, eating healthily and maintaining an active lifestyle. Children will learn about healthy relationships and the importance of showing empathy, care and tolerance towards others.

Pupil development is promoted not only through all the subjects of our curriculum but through the development of positive attitudes and values.

Our ethos states: We want every child to be a good citizen, a confident communicator, respectful of those whose views are different from ours, discerning and kind hearted.  We want them to challenge themselves, be highly motivated to achieve their best, working towards being independent.


How will we do this? Our Personal Development curriculum is woven into the whole of school life and teachers take opportunities to lead by example and model good relationships, communication, tolerance and mutual respect. More specific teaching is given during RE lessons, Lifeskills, Philosophy, Daily Assemblies, Outdoor Learning activities and community events.

 Religious Education RE is multifaith, reflecting the ethnic diversity within our community but giving priority to the Christian history, traditions and culture of the UK. Through our study of religions we encourage children to look at principles and values that might guide their lives and by which they might live to the benefit of all mankind.

 Lifeskills During lifeskills lessons, children are taught about healthy eating, British values, safeguarding and behaviour. Under the headings of Staying Safe, Being Healthy, Economic Wellbeing, Enjoying and Achieving, Making a Positive Contribution and other such “Preparing for Life” activities.

 Philosophy Philosophy is taught on a weekly basis as a distinct subject. During these lessons, children are encouraged to be critical and creative thinkers, to ask questions and find the answers through discussions, thereby developing the ability to recognise differences and explore these constructively and logically.

 Assemblies Existing statute laws relating to the provision of ‘collective worship’ and RE are embedded into our practice. School assemblies are wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character and we incorporate recognition awards and the children’s achievements into our assemblies. It is a time when the whole school community comes together at the beginning of each day and is a very important aspect of school life.

 Outdoor Learning We value outdoor learning and the part it plays in building a child’s confidence, independence, resilience and grit. Langley Hall Primary Academy has its own farm where the children can learn about the natural environment and look after our school animals, including goats, chickens, donkeys and Shetland ponies. They grow their own produce which is taken to the school kitchens and used by our catering team.

 Community Events As part of its Christian ethos Langley Hall Primary Academy teaches children hymns and spiritual songs alongside other types of music. From time to time the school choirs have performed in churches or have been given the opportunity to take part in religious events such as Evensong at Jesus College, Cambridge. If your child is invited to join one of our choirs they will be expected to attend performances for which they have rehearsed.


 We want to help pupils grow and develop as people. It underpins all other education experiences and is a major focus for the school. The impact is that children will become good citizens, confident communicators, respectful of those whose views are different from theirs, discerning and kind hearted. Every child at Langley Hall Primary Academy is encouraged to challenge themselves, be highly motivated to achieve their best and work towards being independent.

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