Langley Hall Primary Academy

Oversubscription Criteria

In the event of there being more applications than places available, other applicants will be admitted in the following order:

  1. Looked-after children who are under the supervision of the local authority at the time of application or who have been adopted following a period in care.
  2. Children with an older sibling at the school at the time of admission or who has been a pupil within the last 4 years. Siblings will include: brothers and sisters; half-brothers and sisters; step-brothers and sisters; adopted brothers and sisters, or the children of the parent/carer’s partner, but only if the child for whom the place is sought is living in the same family unit, at the same address as that sibling.
  3. Children of staff, including peripatetic staff, who have worked at LHPA for at least 2 years, or of staff members who are recruited to fill a post for which there is a demonstrable skill shortage. Step-children, foster-children or adopted children of staff, will be accepted within the definition of “children”.
  4. Children with a disability, medical or social need where it is suggested that Langley Hall Primary Academy would meet their needs above all other schools. Evidence of this would be required in the form of an official report from e.g. a Doctor, Social Worker or Educational Psychologist.
  5. Children in receipt of EYPP funding from Wellingtons for Langley Hall or from any other nursery where this information is made known to us. In the event of a tie breaker priority would be given to Wellingtons for Langley Hall.
  6. Children whose home address is within the catchment area defined as being within a circle of 3.25 miles radius from the Upper School's front gate in Station Road, Langley. If more children qualify for admission under this criterion than there are places available then the distance criterion shall be applied*.
  7. All other applicants. If there are more children than places available then the distance criterion shall be applied*.

*Distance criterion

Those who live closest to the school as defined by the distance from the Upper School’s front gate in Station Road, Langley to the front door of the child's home using Slough Education Department's distance calculator will be offered any remaining place(s). If this calculator is not available for use, then the distance will be measured by the shortest travel distance to school using Google maps car route option.

Tie Breaker

In the event of two or more children being equally qualified for a single vacancy, the following tie breaker will apply:

Random allocation, supervised by a person or persons completely independent of the school.


Catchment Area (3.25 mile radius from Upper School gate)