Langley Hall Primary Academy


At Langley Hall Primary Academy we place a great deal of emphasis on helping children to build their confidence with numeracy. As a school we are using the White Rose Hub to deliver the necessary mathematical learning that children need in order to develop their understanding and skills. 

Starting with their time at Lower School where lessons are very practical with lots of opportunities to investigate numbers through play and enjoy number puzzles. Amongst the practical tasks and activities their understanding develops as well as their basic mathematical vocabulary.

Upon transitioning to Upper School the mathematical vocabulary and skills learnt are transferred into more complex tasks. It is at this point where children use their developing skills to solve problems without losing their enthusiasm or confidence to tackle difficult concepts. This builds toward the end of KS2 where children are required to recall a multitude of methods, vocabulary and practical applications to solve complex problems.

By the time children leave the school at the end of Year 6 our aim is that they leave with the necessary understanding, skills and confidence ready to take on the next set of mathematical challenges in store at secondary school.