Langley Hall Primary Academy


The school does all that it can to encourage children to develop a love for reading. We acknowledge that boys and girls learn differently and use methods of teaching that engage both. When children read and write well, a whole world of opportunities opens up to them; they are able to use their communication skills to express their thoughts and feelings, and also to play an active part in discussions about their community. Understanding the importance of Literacy to all other areas of the curriculum ensures that the school identifies any problems in this area early and works with children and parents to put them right. Daily reading time built into the timetable helps children to enjoy reading; Literacy lessons are exciting and full participation is encouraged. Using our Film Studio, children have the opportunity to talk to camera and put their films onto the school intranet for other children and parents to share. Our programme for teaching Phonics using letters and sounds underpins and supports children's understanding and learning of sounds and words and is combined with other methods of word recognition to ensure that children quickly learn how to read fluently and absorb information.

We use several high quality reading schemes to inspire and motivate children to read; The Oxford Reading Tree, Bug Club and Project X are supported by a rich supply of books in our well stocked library. Children also have book areas in their classrooms so that they can select and read stories throughout the day and during their reading lesson.