Langley Hall Primary Academy


We recognise that the opportunity to experience a different language and culture supports children's speaking & listening, alongside their social development. and wider view of the world around them. The three main languages taught within the school are: French, Spanish and Italian.

Lessons are developed in different year groups and these are as follows:

  • Reception, Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6 – French
  • Year 1 and Year 3 – Spanish
  • Year 5 - Italian

This coverage gives the children an opportunity to develop language skills from studying the Latin-based languages. Beyond the classroom we offer extra-curricular activities to promote languages such as our French, Italian and Spanish after-school clubs. Key events in our school year include a whole school Languages Day and KS2 trips to France and Italy. 

Within lessons there is a large focus on practical resources, singing songs & rhymes and basic story telling. Children learn through playing games and hands on activities. The younger children develop their oral skills and as they grow older more written skills are encouraged. We aim for children to experience the joy in learning a new language and to be inspired by the opportunities that speaking and communicating in other languages can bring them in the future.