Langley Hall Primary Academy

Early Years

We believe passionately that all children have the right to an excellent education and this begins from the time they enter the school. We ensure that sufficient time and resources are available for the teaching of Numeracy and Literacy as these are the foundations upon which all other learning is built. Acquiring these skills enables children to take their place in society and make a valuable contribution to their community. We identify and support children who are struggling with reading at an early stage and our special needs teachers work together with class teachers to make a plan for improvement which is shared and agreed with parents.

For children to achieve they need to have a secure understanding of basic skills and a healthy sense of self-worth. We place great emphasis on these areas of learning and see them as the foundational building blocks for all other learning.

Our four reception classrooms are equipped with community playthings furniture and resources which gives the children the maximum opportunity to enjoy imaginative creative play.

Our Early Years team is led by an experienced teacher, Miss Nicolle Broderick. In addition to the learning support staff who are based in each playroom, each class has an apprentice who is working with the children as they gain their qualification. Having a third person in the room is not a statutory requirement, but allows us to give each child more time and attention.