Langley Hall Primary Academy


The computing curriculum at Langley Hall enables children to develop vital skills so that they are able to be effective, productive and responsible in an increasingly digital world. We provide a computing curriculum that embraces and develops inspiring use of technology, including using a range of digital services to design and create content, as well as becoming proficient users in commercially available word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications. 

 Children leave Langley Hall with the ability to use technology purposefully, whether that be programming or editing, or creating an app.

 There is also a focus on providing children with the skills to navigate a digital world safely and respectfully, including having responsibility for their own personal data, and knowing what to do if they have concerns about anything they experience in an online world.

 Our computing provision is well resourced, with class sets of iPads and laptops, as well as an IT suite, and a variety of hardware from programmable robots to a 3D printer.